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A1 Face Veneer manufactures veneer sheets for architectural faces and fancy veneer faces for the furniture industry and is a member of the American Architectural Products Group family of companies.
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Custom / Fancy Veneer Faces

Ferrell Mittman Niagara

A1 Face Veneer's A1 Artisan Faces are selected from the highest AA quality veneer stock and are expertly cut to deliver astonishing custom faces free from any imperfections. Laser precision cutting coupled with the skill of our expert craftsmen combine to create perfect furniture faces.

A1 Artisan Face Veneer

A1 Artisan face Veneers are available from our wide range of natural domestic and exotic species

Added value options include:

  • Veneer faces on wood or paper backer
  • Lamination - MDF or Plywood substrates
  • Custom edging - re-enforced or bordered hardwoods and matching veneers
  • Custom machining - precision CNC machined backs, faces and edges
  • Finishing - custom dyes, stains and clear coats

Our North American species are FSC®certified. With imported inventory, we ensure we purchase strictly certified wood when possible. All of our wood species are 100% legally imported under the Lacey Act.

Insist on A1 Premium for your architectural and fine furniture veneer needs.

There are over 150 species to select from, most available from inventory, with fast turn around on customs such as dye's, stains, inlays and digital.

A1 Face Veneers are supplied book matched as standard. Standard sheets sizes include:

  • 2'W x 8'L,10'L & 12'L
  • 3'W x 8'L,10'L & 12'L
  • 4'W x 8'L,10'L & 12'L

Custom sheet sizes are available.

Our in-house engineering team can provide you with CAD files for the layouts and conditions you are developing for your project. Below are standard details.

Key Features

  • Easy to fabricate
  • Flexible - veneer sheets are flexed
  • Book match standard; slip/ random / end match available
  • Choose your backer - paper, wood, phenolic, PSA
  • Class 'A' Fire Rated available
  • Usually ships from inventory
  • Custom color tinting, dying and staining available
  • Pre-finish available - fabricates like a laminate
  • Blue Print Match available
  • Live Flitch Samples
  • Next day sampling

About AAM

A1 Face veneer is a linearly integrated wood products manufacturer providing Wood Solutions in the form of innovative wood sheet materials and fabricated components.