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A1 Face Veneer manufactures veneer sheets for architectural faces and fancy veneer faces for the furniture industry and is a member of the American Architectural Products Group family of companies.
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Biesse Rover A

A1 Face Veneers can fabricate your components in one of OEM manufacturing facilities in Venice FL or High Point NC. With pressing, cutting, edging and CNC machining and laser capabilities, you can be sure we assist with any facrication requirements.

Component Fabrication

The very latest Biesse CNC's, both nesting and pod & rail machines are capable of handling components up to 5' x 12'. With 3 additonal 5 x 10 nesting machines, all of which can apply labels automatically, we have ample capacity to machine your components. Our Homag edgebanders are capable of applying PVC, tape, HPL and solid hardwoods with thicknesses upto 15mm. Pre and post milling means we can give you perfect accuracy every time. With two automatically loaded beam saws, we can cut panels to your precise requirements in high volume.

Our Product Quality Reports include photographs of every compnent face and edges prior to stacking and packing. You can be sure that our rigorous quality process will deliver the exceptional results your require for your project.

Multiple Hot press sizes upto 5'x 12'

Multiple Cold press sizes upto 5'x 12'

Multiple Nesting CNC's upto 5' x 12'

Pod & Rail CNC's upto 5' x 12'

Multiple Beam Saws upto 14' wide panels

Multiple Edgebanders for any type edging

Multiple Acoustic Drilling Machines upto 4 x 10

Multiple Laser Machines upto 7' x 17'

Our in-house engineering team can provide you with CAD files for the layouts and conditions you are developing for your project.

Key Features

  • CNC Machining 3,4 and 5 Axis machines
  • Hot & Cold Pressing
  • Edgebanding PVC, HPL, Veneer and solid hardwood
  • Panel Cutting
  • Custom packing & Labeling

About AAM

A1 Face veneer is a linearly integrated wood products manufacturer providing Wood Solutions in the form of innovative wood sheet materials and fabricated components.