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A1 Face Veneer manufactures veneer sheets for architectural faces and fancy veneer faces for the furniture industry and is a member of the American Architectural Products Group family of companies.
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Panel Pressing

pressed panels

A1 Face Veneers can press your veneer or laminate onto MDF, particleboard or plywood substrates. Using our state of the art press lines in our High Point NC or Venice FL facilities.

Prefinished and sequenced natural veneer sheets, high pressure laminate sheets or continuos foils are applied to the substrate of your choice either double sided or backed with appropriate balancing sheet to ensure perfect flatness. With cold and hot press lines and automatic glue applicators, the process is fast, clean and accurate. Faces are trimmed back to the edges providing the perfect standard panel for you to fabricate.

Pressed Sheets and Panels

Out Ital Presse hot and cold press lines are capable of pressing sheets as large as 5' x 12'. With a large capacity to press hundreds of sheets daily, we are sure to be able to meet your order requirements large or small.

Our Product Quality Report includes photographs of every panel face prior to panel stacking. You can be sure that our rigorous quality process will deliver the exceptional results your require for your project.

Hot press sizes 4'x 8', 4' x 10' and 5'x 12'

Cold press sizes 4'x 8', 4' x 10' and 5'x 12'

Our in-house engineering team can provide you with CAD files for the layouts and conditions you are developing for your project.

Key Features

  • Fast service 3-5 days
  • Thickness from 3mm to 44mm
  • MDF, Plywood, Particle Board, Fiberglass, Mineral core
  • PVA, MRPVA, Tego,& FR Adhesives
  • Custom packing & Labeling

About AAM

A1 Face veneer is a linearly integrated wood products manufacturer providing Wood Solutions in the form of innovative wood sheet materials and fabricated components.